What is a noun?
Count and mass nouns
Count and mass uses
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Concrete and abstract nouns
Compound nouns
Common nouns from proper nouns
Count and Mass Uses of Nouns

Look at this picture:

It has a cup in it and there is some tea in that cup. If someone asks you in a cafe what you would like to drink, you might well answer:

I'd like a tea, please!

You have, in other words, used the indefinite article with a mass noun and got away with it. This is formally correct despite what we have said so far. What is happening here is that the phrase a tea is shorthand for a cup of tea. The noun cup is a count noun, but we have recategorised the mass noun tea and given it a countable meaning, i.e. it stands for the container that has the tea in it. We do this all the time with drinks and glasses and cups, etc.

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